Energi Coin — The new and Enhanced Security Coin .

Hello my CryptoFolks , I am back with another new and exciting story about an awesome Self funding project called Energi Coin(NRG) , And in this story I will share with you guys some details about what is energi , What is the current status of the crypto-market , Why is it not considered as easily adoptable , how to earn NRG and What makes this Coin so special .

(Note: It is currently being traded on KuCoin ,you can go get some from there)

Let’s Get into it , Shall we .

So…What is Energi ,

Energi is a new Self-funding and self governance based project that focuses on improving the security on transactions over cryptocurrencies thereby providing a whole new platform for cryptocurrency to make a step forward for the Global Adaption of cryptocurrencies . Another main objective of this project is to lay a better foundation to the coming generations to get a seeming awesome experience more than what they get from the normal currency usage that we do in our day-to-day life . They are also aiming to be the most user-friendly , secure and trusted platform for building and trading value .

So now lets take a look at the market that is active right now and why crytos are not considered as easily adoptable,

But we all have the same question when it comes to this statement , Why is it taking so long and why people still don’t wanna move to crypto-currencies as their all new way to mange all their assets in one place . There are a lot of factors that answers this statement . The first and foremost thing is the self-managing feature of crypto-currencies that makes it value got up and down , which can never predict . For example , lets say you convert your assets to all crypto and get some equivalent money in a particular coin say Bitcoin and when u purchased the bitcoins for conversion of assets it was 10k US $ , when if the market take a dump for some reason and the value of bitcoin reduces from it actual 10k to 6k , then the assets you invested is considered as a lost .

This is the main reason people are so afraid to move to crytocurrencies as their asset management system , and the main objective of Energi is to make this trend go away and make the crypto way of payments more adaptable .

And thus the motto “Energi is cryptocurrency for world adoption”

Another important reason is that the if you make a transaction to a address that is wrong or in some cases if you lose your wallet private keys and your assets get taken out , there is not such thing as an help-desk that is going to help you get your money back . And Energi is working in this particular matter to make transactions over blockchain more safer than now .

According to the research Energi did , from the whole 100% of the world population who all have access to internet , only 5% adopted the cryptocurrency trend or even to say who even knows about crytocurrencies , and Energi is trying to make a great impression among the people all over the world to let them know about cryptocurrencies and let them experience the power of blockchain .

Ok, Now on the important part of how to earn NRG ,

Well, its pretty easy , you can ean NRG but soft-staking of NRG coins in various platform . I would Recommend to buy and stack NRG in the most reputed exchange KuCoin .

Soft-Staking Returns are pretty Good in KuCoin and you can check it out at their official Webpage here.

What makes it so Unique or special ?

It is a unique project because of the way its trying to pursue the world for global adoption. Energi is focusing on 4 main principle to achieve the global adoption of crypto-currencies , they are as follows ,

  1. Trust .
  2. Awareness .
  3. Usability .
  4. Availability .

And they are also giving away NRG as bounties that involve reporting scammers who do a lot of OTC and investment scam , which u can check it out in their official sites .

To learn more about energi , Watch the Officail Energi in 10 minutes video below,

Thank you for reading my crypto-folks, See you on the next one , peace out ❤.